Leadership 552-08

Welcome to Leadership!

The purpose of this course will be to provide you with a platform to develop essential leadership skills and tools to

face current and future challenges in our global society. Over the course of the year, you will be given various opportunities to

refine your leadership skills through participation in a series of activities within our class and school. 



Day 6

Day 9


Here you will find all information regarding what has been completed in class, including assignments, and class notes. It is a great resource if you are absent or if you forget materials at school. You can also review upcoming lessons. Check in regularly for important information.


Mrs. Martindale



Term 1 : Sept 1-Jan 14

Course Outline


Date  In class  Homework 

Sept 9 Day 6 

1. Introduction to class 1 Leadership intro class.pptx

Leadership Key concepts

Giving directions activity 1. instructions activity.docx

Team building challenge - paper clips

Sept 14 Day 9 

Bell Ringer 

Defining Leadership 1.1 defining leadership.pptx

Leadership self assessment 1.1 leadership self assessment.pdf

leadership group project 508.pptx

group project guide.docx

Sept  23 Day 6

Leaders in your life 1.2 leaders in your life.pptx

letter assignment computer lab C102

letter assignment due next class 
Sept 28 Day 9 

Project brainstorming time

team challenge 1.3 marshmallow challenge.pptx


Oct 6 Day 6 

Bell Ringer

1.4 Leadership styles.docx

Leadership Styles 1.4 styles of leadership.pptx

1.4 leadership style notes.docx

1.4 Emotional intelligence questionnaire.pdf

Oct 12 Day 9 

Mini research 1.5 Research Paper on Entrepreneurs.docx


Oct 22 Day 6 


October 22 2021 sub class.pptx

Oct 27 Day 9

Personality #7 meyer briggs.pptx

#7 Meyers-Briggs.docx

sandwich activity


Nov 4 Day 6

Bell Ringer #11 Bell Ringer.pptx

#11 want to be a leader article.docx

group presentation/sequence game


Nov 10 Day 9


Film - 'The Matrix'


Nov 18 Day 6

film continued

Nov 24 Day 9

Finish film/assignment

Resume building #12 Resume and Cover Letters.pptx


Dec 2 Day 6

Bell Ringer #12 bell ringer.pptx

group presentation

Resume work period

Dec 7 Day 9 Leadership essay assignment End of term 1 leadership essay assignment.docx


Dec 16 Day 6

French exam = no class

Dec 21 Day 9

Essay due

Christmas game/movie 


Jan 13 Day 6  start term 2 material