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Day 6

Day 9


Here you will find all information regarding what has been completed in class, including assignments, and class notes. It is a great resource if you are absent or if you forget materials at school. You can also review upcoming lessons. Check in regularly for important information.


Mrs. Martindale



Exploration course outline.docx


Term 1: Sept 1 - Jan 14


Date  In class  Homework 

Sept 9 Day 6 

Introduction to course course outline.pptx

#1 Levels of Education in Quebec.pptx  

#1 levels of education.docx

Activity: what does it take?

Personal Reflection

Sept 14 Day 9 

Think about it #2 Think about it #1.pptx

Key definitions #2 Key Definitions.pptx

Current events article

personal profile worksheet

Quiz on definitions next class 
Sept  23 Day 6


Vocational training powerpoint #3 Vocational Education.pptx

vocational activity #1

deconstructing careers activity

Sept 28 Day 9 

Hand back quiz

#4 Think about it #2.pptx  

Vocational Activity #2 #4 vocational activity 2.docx


Oct 6 Day 6 

Work period

Vocational Activity #3 #4. Activity 3.docx

4. RIASEC.pdf


Oct 12 Day 9 

#5 Quiz study guide.docx

vocational training guide assignment #5 vocational training guide activity.docx


dirty jobs video

quiz next class 

Oct 22 Day 6 



cegep system assignment 

PACC assignment

Oct 27 Day 9

what in the world article

think about it #8 Think about it #3.pptx


Study abroad #8 Study abroad education.docx

Nov 4 Day 6 study abroad assignment work period in computer lab

study abroad due next class 

Nov 10 Day 9

ted talk 




video response

man vs machine article

Nov 18 Day 6

Think about it #8 Think about it #3.pptx

Personal Identity #11 Personal Identity.pptx

#11 Personal identity Notes.docx




Nov 24 Day 9


Space tourism article

dirty jobs video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17SGpkhrrsQ&ab_channel=LaleZar

Dec 2 Day 6

myblueprint lab activity

Exploring with myBlueprint.docx

Dec 7 Day 9

10 years from now activity...Fantasize 10 years from now.docx

what college major should i takeWhat college Major Should I Take.docx

Both collected by end of class

Dec 16 Day 6

Think about it term reflection - Think about it.pptx

Career Women research activity 8-Career Women Research.docx

 collected at end of class 

Dec 21 Day 9

Math exam - no class

Jan 13 Day 6

start term 2 material