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Welcome to you Exploration and Vocational Training!

EXPLO4-02 - Room D109

Day 5 Period 2

Day 8 Period 8

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Here you will find all information regarding what has been completed in class, including assignments, and class notes. It is a great resource if you are absent or if you forget materials at school. You can also review upcoming lessons. Check in regularly for important information.


Mrs. Martindale

Room D102



Term 3: Feb 2 - June 7

Date  Classwork/activities Homework 

Feb 1 - day 5 

Work period for project

due next class 
Feb 2 - day 8

project due

Entrepreneur websearch

Feb 13 - day 5

Tomorrow’s workforce reading - preparing for the future article.docx

PowerPoint notes on resumes - Resume cover letter review.pptx

Computer lab to create/update resume

Resume cover letter review notes.docx

graphic organizer.pdf  

Feb 16 - day 8

Resume due

Activity: find 2 articles in the news from the past year about future careers and development and write a review of each article (1-2 paragraphs each)
Feb 27 - day 5

PowerPoint notes on Cover letters/SIN numbers

3 F's - practice cover letter.docx

Activity: find job application online and write cover letter for it
Mar 2 - day 8

Quiz on resumes and Cover letters

job prospects activity

Job prospects activity.docx  

High paying jobs in demand.docx

How many jobs do Canadians hold in a lifetime.docx

Mar 19 - day 5

Personal response: First Impressions

ted talk video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks-_Mh1QhMc&index=2&list=PLOGi5-fAu8bHaEGV52hSzl8QeUM4933Xy

Interview strategies and articles

Mar 22 - day 8

Hand back quiz

Mock interviews in class mock interviews.pptx


BBC articles and group discusssion - create mind maps

The degrees that make you rich...pdf

Many graduates earn 'paltry returns' for their degree - BBC News.pdf

Apr 4 - day 5 Sub - Film: Pursuit of happyness   
Apr 9 - day 8

Film: Pursuit of happyness 

Which holds more value: money or happiness in your profession?

Apr 17 - day 5

The true story - POH activity




Apr 20 day 8

Career Path assignment due

Financial literacy notes Financial Literacy.pptx

Establishing a Budget.docx

creating a budget.docx  - finish for homework

Financial Literacy Key Terms.docx

Activity B.docx

gabrielle budget AK.docx  

Creating a budget for SAM due next class

May 1 - day 5

Creating a budget for SAM - activity due

One week job film 



May 4  - day 8

finish one week job film

Written Response: Did you find watching this documentary interesting and or useful? Explain.

One week job film activity questions


May 14 - day 5

recap of any outstanding work

ted talk - https://www.ted.com/talks/larry_smith_why_you_will_fail_to_have_a_great_career?referrer=playlist-talks_to_get_you_through_your


introduce entrepreneurship project - Entrepreneurship.pptx

May 17 - day 8

sub - entrepreneurship work period 


May 29 - day 5

entrepreneurship work presentations


June 1 - day 8

class wrap up 

study for exams




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