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Exploration and Vocational Training





Room D103

 Day 2 Period 3 

Day 5 Period 2


Here you will find all information regarding what has been completed in class, including assignments, and class notes. It is a great resource if you are absent or if you forget materials at school. You can also review upcoming lessons. Check in regularly for important information.


Mrs. Martindale

Room D102



Term 3 Feb 3-June 5

Date  Classwork/activities Homework 

Feb 4

day 2

Guest Presentation


Feb 7

day 5



Feb 17

day 2

TAI 1-Think about it term 3.pptx

Resumes 2-Resume cover letter review.pptx

2-sample resume.docx


2-graphic organizer.pdf  

Resume due next class

Feb 20

day 5

Cover Letters 3 -cover letters.pptx


Cover letter Activity

Cover Letter due next class 

Mar 9

day 2

Hand back work


articles/group discussion

ted talk  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiC6KS5zHPQ


Interview strategies 6-Mock Interview Assignment Guidelines.pptx


Mar 12

day 5

Mock Interviews in class

6-Mock Interview Assignment Guidelines.pptx



Mar 20

day 2

Film: 1 Week Job




Mar 25

day 5

Film: 1 Week Job - finish documentary

Ted talk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcMyX5R4dzs

7-One Week Job written response (2).docx

class discussion

Reflection to be handed in 

Apr 2

day 2

Financial Literacy 10-Financial Literacy.pptx

10-Financial Literacy Key Terms.docx

10-Establishing a Budget.docx 10-Activity B.docx

Activity reviewed as a class 

Apr 7

day 5

Research activity - Career women 

8-Career Women Research.docx

Due next class 

April 14

day 5

Film: Living on a 1$ a Day 


11-Living on One Dollar Documentary Questions.docx


Apr 20

day 2


In class Budget activity

12-creating a budget for sam.docx

Activity to be handed in  

Apr 23

day 5


Film: Pursuit of Happyness


May 4

day 2

Film: Pursuit of Happyness

finish film


May 7

day 5


13-Pursuit of happiness - The True Story That Inspired the Movie (1).docx

13-Pursuit of happiness - The True Story That Inspired the Movie (2).docx

questions to be handed in  

May 19

day 2

Activity - Entrepreneurship Research 

14-Research Paper on Entrepreneurs.docx


May 22

day 5

Entrepreneurship 16-Entrepreneurship.pptx

Introduce final Project 


June 1

day 2

Work period  

June 4

day 5


Class wrap up






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