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Exploration and Vocational Training





Room D103

 Day 2 Period 3 

Day 5 Period 2


Here you will find all information regarding what has been completed in class, including assignments, and class notes. It is a great resource if you are absent or if you forget materials at school. You can also review upcoming lessons. Check in regularly for important information.


Mrs. Martindale

Room D102



Date  Classwork/activities Homework 

Nov 11

day 2

AFS guest presentation


Nov 18

day 5

review term 1 marks

Outsourcing article

Dirty jobs video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb1AK460PGc


Hand out career fair Assignment Centennial Educational Career Fair.docx


Nov 27

day 2

Think about it Response - jobs Think about it.pptx

Student Interest Survey explo_what_influences_you.pdf

MyBlueprint activity Exploring with myBlueprint.docx


Dec 2

day 5

Finish MyBlueprint activity

Personal identity notes Personal Identity.pptx

Personal identity Notes.docx


Dec 10

day 2

Finish notes - 3-Identifying Characteristics in One’s Identity.pptx

Holland Personality test  2-Holland Personality Test.docx



Study for Quiz Personal Identity Review.docx


Dec 16

day 5


Think about it response - personality tests

Holiday film 


Jan 8

day 2

Think about it response - advice

Fantasize 10 years from now.docx


What college Major Should I Take.docx


Jan 13

day 5

Think about it response -  recap of term

Article response

career path assignment.pdf


Jan 21

day 2

Term 2 project Term 2 Project.docx

introduction and word period 


Jan 24

day 5

Work period - assignment due at end of class

End of term 2







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